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Thread: Can we program a button to do Full-Flash mode?

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    Once a panic button is activated, the app is the only way to deactivate it from what I've found.

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    My security mode went off, lights flashing and cycling, control panels locked while we were having Sunday night dinner. We do not have an alarm system and do not know of a panic button. There is no way to turn it off. I called technical support, which according to their phone message is open 24/7, and also is listed as open 24/7 in their user manual, and on the sticker on the control panel - they are not in because they are taking a holiday weekend (labor day.) They will be back Tuesday. We have three children under the age of 5, one with the flu, and lights flashing crazily at 11pm.

    For hours Ive been reading technical specifications. Apparently this is "security mode". In the technical spec manuals online I found 8 references to manual override but no instructions detailing how it is done. I saw mention of override at the dimmer switch without detail. I see it mentioned here that there is an app for deactivation. I know nothing of an app to control or program our system. We bought this extraordinarily over engineered house from a technology guy. We are surgeons, smart and diligent enough that we should be able to figure this out. It is certainly unreasonable to wait days with flashing lights.

    I found the power supply to the control box and removed power supply. Now the flashing exterior and cycling interior lights stopped, but all lights are stuck on at highest brightness, all lighting dimmer switches are non-responsive. There are a series of LEDs flashing in sequence on the side of the controller panels. Any guidance as to how to get back to normal system function would be greatly appreciated. Frustrating.

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    Sounds to to me like there is hardwired Lutron contact closure output directly connected to the security contact closure input. Find the RR-VCRX box and disconnect the security input.
    Failing that, you can turn off individual lights right at the Maestro style dimmer itself by pulling out the little air gap switch with your finger nail.
    I'm not aware of how to fix this through the mobile device app Lutron Home Control +... unless the app displays contact closures and you can then toggle the contact closure that is hardwired to the security input?

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    Hello Meadowbrook,

    I'm sorry that you are experiencing problems with your system, and were unable to connect with us in Technical Support. Our 24/7 Technical Support is staffed all but a handful of holidays during the year. If you ever run into this type of situation again, please be aware that our holiday phone menu has an 'emergency' option, which connects you with our security office. The security office has a list of agents on-call for the holiday that can help you with these types of emergency issues.

    If you are still experiencing problems with the system, please give us a call - I am confident we can help. Again, I am sorry we were not able to connect with you sooner.

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