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Thread: Wired Grafik Eye QS

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    I know that it works for the QSGRJ. That was the original application that was tested, prior to the WPM coming to RA2. Still run into the keypad limitations from the power supplied.
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    Thanks for the confirm Mike.
    I'm going to get rid of many of the redundant keypads. So if I stick with the LV wire there will be no more than 2 kp's per GE. Most will be one kp.
    Pretty sure I'm going with the wire for existing locations

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    A little update. On site know until Sat. Most keypads are running from the GE power link. All working fine. What I did notice is before they are activated they do a little flickering. Once activated they work and look just fine.
    But learned a lesson on this one. Just because I looked at the model number for 4 of the 5 GE doesn't mean the 5 is the same. One of the units was a QSGR-4P all others QSGRJ-4P. Luckily my supplier got me one here quick. Two units next to each other but bottom one was wrong. Whyyyy?

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