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Thread: Recommended BR LED style bulb for Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL

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    Lightbulb Recommended BR LED style bulb for Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a recommended BR style LED bulb that works the best with Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL dimmers. I used the compatibility tool and it recommended I use Ecosmart - R30 Model #1003012803. I purchased these lights from Home Depot and it looks like the model may have been updated (Has a different model number for the SKU).

    I used these bulbs and the dimming is lacking and they buzz. I figured i'd check this forum for anyone that has bought these style bulbs and can confirm their functionality (So I don't keep trying what is listed and have to return them).

    Any tested, tried and true ones that can be recommend? Thanks all!

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    I have pretty good success with EcoSmart, however I try to stick with the name brands.

    LED drivers try to compensate for changes in power. Like fluorescent/ballast they don't appear to have much dimming in the middle 80%.

    I would also check the wiring. Make sure there are no crossed/shared neutrals.
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    I used EcoSmart on a slide dimmer from Lutron and they are fantastic. You can dim them down to where you can barely tell they are on and no flickering or buzzing at all.

    All my wiring is correct. Think my situation is that the model updated. They were actually worse than the GE bulbs (Not on the compatibility list) I was trying to replace.

    I know bulbs are always changing and it can be a challenge to get the bulb and the dimmer to jive. So i'm hoping someone out there has bulbs that they can recommend or something recent that I could pick up.

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    Hello HoeMan1000,

    Thank you for your post!

    Our compatibility tool lists the sku number for the bulb that was provided during original testing. Home Depot can change this sku or the bulb listed under this sku, without notifying us. If the model number of the bulb changed, but the sku remained the same we can no longer guarantee its compatibility. The model number is designated by the LED company, if this changes then it is a completely different bulb then what we have tested. We have notified our testing team of this issue and apologize for any frustrations you are facing.

    There are two solutions we could offer. The first is to use our LED Product Selection Tool, found at to find a new BR30. The nice thing about this tool is it gives you an exact performance and dimming range for our BR30 offerings. This tool only has model numbers and no skus to help ensure we choose the correct LED. I will advise this tool does not have many BR30s, we have had a recent string of bad luck with testing these so we apologize for the lack of results.

    The second is to try the Phase Selectable Caseta Dimmer, PD-5NE. This does reverse phase dimming, which can greatly reduce the buzzing you are experiencing. We cannot guarantee better dimming performance, as that is just due to the LED design. We cannot guarantee this will solve your issue. As a note it does require a neutral connection.

    Hope this Helps!

    Julia K.

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