HomeWorks Illuminations is compatible with circuit selectors. To control circuit selectors the MI link will need to be changes to a CS2 link. To use the MI link as a CS2 link it will no longer be able to communicate to MI's unless the link is changed back to a MI link. To change the MI link types follow these instruction:

  1. Go to the panel assignment screen
  2. Select the processor in the project file(Process cannot have an internal MI)
  3. Go the properties box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  4. Click the option to show advanced properties
  5. Double click on the MI link
  6. Select the CS2 option.

By default the circuit selector controls up to 24 zones. To control more than 24 zones you will need to make sure the circuit selector is a 2 link circuit selector. The follow these direction to set the circuit selector to control more than 24 zones.

  1. Hold button 2 and 5 for 5 seconds. The Select Value LED will blink twice with a pause
  2. Hold buttons 1,2and 5 for 10 seconds. The Select Value LED will blink three times with a pause
  3. Use button 5 until OF is displayed in the Value window
  4. Hold buttons 1 and 5 for 5 seconds
  5. Address RPM's 7 and 8 as 1 and 2
  6. Connect the second link on the circuit selector to RPM's 7 and 8