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Thread: Lights turn on by themselves

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    Lights turn on by themselves

    I have a customer that has a small RR2 system at his beach house. One of the exterior zones turns on by itself. There has never been any timed events.

    I replaced a dimmer because it was not giving consistent feedback. I could turn it on locally and the keypad would sometimes indicate it was on, sometimes not. He is reporting the issue again.

    Any thoughts?

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    There are no 3rd-party connections. The main repeater is not connected to a network. It is a stand-alone system. There are no LED bulbs.

    I found the zone in question was a landscape zone. My first thought was that it was some interaction between the dimmer and the transformer. However, the transformer is standard magnetic core & coil.

    The solution (I think) is very low-tech. There are 2 RDs on the porch. Both have weather proof covers. I believe the foam inside the lid was pressing the button and/or rocker. There was a clear indentation in the foam where the rocker was pressing into it. If you let the lid snap shut it would actually turn the lights on.

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    No luck. Got a call this am that the lights turned on by themselves again.

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    If you remove the accessory dimmer and just wire the dimmer as a single pole dimmer does this issue still occur?

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    While there may not be any timed events, it might be worth adding one to do 'housekeeping'. As in, events tied to some intervals around sunrise/sunset to turn off anything left lit.

    As for removing the RD, would pulling it's FASS accomplish the same thing as disconnecting it from the wiring? Which would, of course, be a problem for the foam cover, but it'd be easier to test than pulling the switches apart.

    Any chance of plugging something else into the transformer's socket? Or is it hard-wired to the circuit?

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    What type of remote dimmer is this? Is it a Neutral Dimmer, CL, or ?

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