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Thread: Juno and LED

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    Juno and LED

    Any experience with Juno 4" low volt with LED?
    We have 2 switxh legs. 5 lights and 3 lights. One is 3way/4/3way. Other is 3way/3way. Bath are 6NA. Started with cheep HD LED and TCP. Both of these worked for a few days then started shutting of randomly. Not the whole string, just one here one there. Seemed to be middle bulbs mostly. This has been a months long project. Changed philips from Lutron list. 7mr16/f24 2700 dim.
    Model 9290002373. In for about 2-3 weeks.
    Got the call today lights won't turn off localy or through the all off button. Currently on auto detect. Have tried forward and reverse with the other bulbs, same results. Junos are around 8 years old
    10ND give better results?

    Any ideas.

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    Are you using the exact 12v "electronic" transformers that Lutron requires in their LED report card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekimla View Post
    Are you using the exact 12v "electronic" transformers that Lutron requires in their LED report card?
    No. This is a existing house with Juno magnetic trans. Changing all out would defeat the purpose of system that is designed to go into existing homes.
    And make the job way over budget.

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    Using the RadioRA2 software we would recommend forcing the phase control to be reverse phase since a MLV transformer is being used.
    Also does your configuration go RD-RD/RD-RD/RRD-6NA or what is the configuration of the dimmers? Dimmers with a neutral connection should always be connected directly to the load.

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    Hey Craig
    Sorry for the slow response. I'm a bit confused. Talked to one Lutron tech lady and she said to put it in forward phase.
    I will give you a bit of an update. They are not juno. They are Halo 4" Low volt. Basically the same thing.
    Same bulbs as listed above. 6Na are on SW side with multiple RD-RD.
    Just fixed another electricians work that had Load on RD-RD side and hot on 6NA so I'm familiar with that problem.
    I know these bulbs are not on the list but am also aware Lutron doesn't test LED to MLV. Per my conversation with the tech lady.
    Costumer wants whole house changed to LED. A ton of MR16. Not anywhere near a whole house Ra2 sys but may be someday.
    Don't want to invest customers trust with flaky light issues.
    One thought I have is these 2 sets of 6NA loads are used alot for vacation. Years of being left on for weeks at a time with 50w EXN MR16.
    Possible this wore out the trans and the rest of the house may be in better shape?


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    id like to hear a resolution to this. im a bit surprised by craigs recommendation to lock the 6NA to reverse phase... i had a similar issue with juno LV cans fitted with LED MR16's, i started with a 6NA and had issues, changed to a 6CL and all is fine now!! give it a try!

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    Forgot about your reply until I saw the new thread of Cree on a 6Na doing the same thing. You posted in Dec all is fine. Still fine? No call backs?
    Really nervous about changing a whole 6000sq ft house out to MR16 LED and having problems down the road.


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    i have had mixed results. in some installations a 6NA works best, and in others a 6CL. (specifically speaking about a L.E.D MR16 with magnetic transformer) im assuming the difference must come from the design of the MR16. i would suggest grabbing a few different brand MR16's and try them. just make sure you replace every bulb controlled by the switch because leaving even just one incandescent would make everything appear to work just fine.

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