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Thread: Migration of Lutron to UK

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    Migration of Lutron to UK

    Hi there,

    I've got Lutron homeworks QS in my house and thanks to the new buyers wanting to completely gut the place, I can theoretically take everything with me.

    Before i start calling expensive lutron engineers out, could you guys tell me what i might be able to take? and what i would need to buy to get it all working back on 230v?

    I know there is a pretty complex box of tricks with processors and all sorts!



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    Hi Daniel,

    This is going to vary depending on what you have installed, processors and Homeworks QS keypads(non load controlling) will be fine depending on the power supply If you are powering these off a QSPS-DH-1-60 you can take this too as it can run off 100-240v. As a general rule most load controlling devices will not be compatible. Another consideration is wireless products while they will work you would be operating these out of their allowed frequency so you'd best be on the lookout for the wireless bobbies if your going to use these products.

    Let us know what devices you have and someone will be able to tell you what's doable and what's not.

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