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Thread: QSE-IO and 3rd-party occupancy (motion detection) sensors

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    Question QSE-IO and 3rd-party occupancy (motion detection) sensors

    What type of sensors can be connected to inputs of QSE-IO module?
    Is it possible to connect 230Vac sensor?

    Is it possible to connect any of down listed sensors to IO input:

    1)Steinel IR Quattro 000349
    2)Steinel IR Quattro COM2
    3)Steinel IS 345WE 606510

    Please comment.

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    You can have sensor connections to the contact closure inputs of the QSE-IO that meet the specifications below. Since the QSE-IO does not see the input voltage to the sensor and deals only with low voltage, the 230V may not be part of the equation.

    Five Input Terminals:
    • Accept maintained inputs and momentary inputs with
    40 msec minimum pulse times.
    • Of f-state leakage current must be less than 100 ľA.
    • Open circuit voltage: 24 V
    • Inputs must be dry contact closure, solid state, open
    collector, or active-low (NPN)/active high (PNP) output.
    - Open collector NPN or active-low on-state voltage
    must be less than 2 V
    and sink 3.0 mA.
    - Open collector PNP or active-high on-state voltage
    must be greater than 12 V
    and source 3.0 mA

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