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Thread: Motorized shutters controlled via Power Relay Module (LQSE-4S10-D)

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    Motorized shutters controlled via Power Relay Module (LQSE-4S10-D)


    I'm using this DIN rail module to control 2 motorized shutters (UP/Down for 2 shutters). The problem I have is that each shutter now shows ON/OFF buttons for both UP and DOWN functions on the Lutron Home+ app. I'm worried that the client might accidentally push the ON button for say Shutter 1 UP and then the ON button for Shutter 1 DOWN. This is obviously a problem as both those outputs should never be on at the same time as it will burn the shutter motor.

    Is there a way I could add programming to make them mutually exclusive so that if the client switches on the DOWN function, the UP function automatically switches off.

    Hope this makes sense.


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    Hi Et,

    The LQSE-4S10-D is only designed for switched motor control, I assure you you will burn out motors. Best practice would be to use the LQSE-4M-D, This dpm will control 4 Blinds has jog time, interlock delay and max on time all built in, it rely's on the load information you have given in in loads(Select Motor 3-Wire). This unit will solve all your motor issues, It won't appear amongst the shade groups but I'm certain your shutter motors will last a lot longer.

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    Noted. Thank you for the heads up on the LQSE-4M-D. Will swap them out.

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    The LQSE-4M-D is a good option , but i canīt find it in the equipment list products at the HW QS lutron designer software 9.4, whats the way to desing it ?

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    It might not be available depending on what region you're in(Check your toolbox to see what DIN rail modules are available to you), you should be able to use a HW-RPM-4M which which will give you the same results if the DIN rail version is not available to you.

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