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Thread: Advanced zone options in HWQS?

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    Advanced zone options in HWQS?

    There are a couple of advanced zone options I sometimes used in Homeworks Illumination. I found these options in the Advanced zone properties in the Load schedule screen. I can't seem to find an equivalent in QS.

    The first one - and most important- is the ability to set a high-end trim. I frequently need this for LED loads. I can set the low end trim to cut off any low-end flicker or stability. But many LED's don't have any visible dimming range at the top of the curve --- you may not "see" any perceptible dimming until you get to 70% or even 60% -- frankly, with some fixtures it's much lower and all the dimming occurs in the last 20% or so.

    With Illumination we would cut off the top of the dimming curve by setting the High-end trim, sometimes as low as 50%. This did not affect performance and made dimming via raise/lower more acceptable. I do not seem to have this flexibility in QS.

    The other advanced zone option that I used was the ability to "lock" a zone on a 4A module to either forward or reverse phase rather than using the auto-detect. This used to be pretty critical because the auto-detect function on the earliest 4A modules was less than perfect -- I don't have too many issues anymore but it's handy as a workaround sometimes when I encounter a zone with mixed load types.

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    You can access these features on the "Design->Loads" tab of the HomeWorks QS software. On the page, see the link "Customize Columns" on the top right of the window and you will be able to select the options for "High End Trim" and "Phase Control". On a load level, you can configure the high end trim as well as if the load should be on "Forward Phase", "Reverse Phase", or "Auto Detect" (adaptive controls only).

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