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Thread: HWI Legacy Keypad Support

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    HWI Legacy Keypad Support

    In reviewing the HW Illumination Wired Keypad Legacy Support page of the 2014 HWQS CEDIA Powerpoint, it states the system will require a communication interface, and to refer to the App Notes.

    Can someone shed light on this interface and supply a link for the App Note which I could not find on the Lutron Resi Website? Thank you.

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    Thank you for your inquiry. At this time we still have not release further information that what is contained in the CEDIA slides. We are still finalizing and actively working on the application note for this application. Once it is completed we will inform you and it will be posted on the resi site.

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    Now that QS 8.0.0 is out, I see the ability to make a QS processor link an H48. Not exactly sure how to add devices to the program and subsequently to that link. Is there documentation somewhere for this?

    Don't see anything jumping out on the resi site. I'm hoping I don't have to provide the license key in the software before getting the ability to add the devices.

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    Mispoke on the H48 item, too early and was not thinking clearly. Regardless, just looking for information on how the process works for adding HWI keypads to a QS system.

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    Figured it out, go to Project settings, then all the way to the right and check Legacy Devices. Not enabled by default.

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