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Thread: Smart Bridge will not pass step 5 on the app "Press teh Button on your Smart Bridge"

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    There is a free network scanning app called "Fing". Does the bridge MAC address show up in this app (the bridge itself may show up as a "Texas Instruments" device)? If it does show up in this app, and you are still getting stuck on step 5, it could be that a port that the system uses to communicate with our server is getting blocked. See: for a list of the ports that are used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mweldy1 View Post
    I cant seem to get my phone to connect to my smart bridge. Please help!
    1. Make sure your phone is not using a "Guest" WiFi. Also, if you have dual band WiFi, like 2.4 & 5 GHz networks, try using the other one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJF4ME View Post
    Any solution to this "Can Not Connect" issue? Just installed my first switch and bridge and not much fun yet.
    Just want to say, I was having the same issue with my bridge, it kept getting stuck during setup. Sometimes it wanted me to unplug the power to the bridge, sometimes it said it needed to perform an update for 8-15 minutes, but in either case, when I tried to proceed it said it couldn't connect to the Lutron system. After some initial troubleshooting, for-quit the app, clear the cache, etc, I decided to try logging out of the app and logging back in, and after pressing the back button two or three times in an attempt to get back to the login screen (the Android version of the app) I wound up on a screen asking me to add devices. At this point I was able to add my dimmers and picos and the app is now functioning as intended. Your mileage may vary.

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