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Thread: Thermo for a wine room

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    Thermo for a wine room

    Suggestions on programming a thermo for a wine room. He wants it to stay at 69. Can't see a way to keep it at one temp. There is a sepperation of 5deg from the cool and heat points. Should I set the cool point to 69 and heat to 64?

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    Seem a little warm. Ideal temp for reds is 62-68 and whites 50-55 so most with a combined wine room split the middle and go around 58-60. If the surrounding areas are conditioned spaces and maintained around 70-74 year round your wine room should only ever need cooling and typically most wine rooms don't have a heating capabiltiy since they are a completely serperate system so if you set you t-Stat to cool mode and set the desired cool temp that should be all you need to do and the rooms temp should maintain a 2 degree differential. The 5 degree seperation between heat and cool is so you don't cycle between heat and cool in auto mode otherwise you might be running each system alternating between one an the other.
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