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Thread: Programming the QSE -iO for control of 3rd party blinds.

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    Programming the QSE -iO for control of 3rd party blinds.

    Hi there,

    ive been asked to control some 3rd party blinds via homeworks qs using the QSE io interface and im unsure how to set the amount of time the contacts close for in the programming.
    When the button is set to either raise or lower is it right that the user then has to hold the button to lower and release to stop? How do I preset a close button? do you have to measure the time it takes to close the blind??
    Is there any way of using the open stop close stop programming?
    Sorry if it sounds like a real basic question but only easy when you know how! :)


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    We would first need to know what type of command the 3rd party blinds need. Do they have separate open, close, and stop input wires, or are they looking for a certain duration of pulse on a wire, or combination of closures?

    The most common application would be when the 3rd party shade has three input closure wires (open, close, stop) that are looking for a momentary (>250msec) trigger.

    In this scenario, you would create three momentary loads on the 'Design, Loads' page of HomeworksQS. Then go to your QSE-IO on the 'Design, equipment' tab. Assign the loads to the appropriate output of the QSE-IO. You can then go to the keypad button you want to use, under "assignable items", choose "Contact Closures" to assign the action you desire.

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