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Thread: Grafik Eye QS - total control ?

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    Grafik Eye QS - total control ?

    Hi, new here with a question that may have been asked a few times - sorry if that's the case.

    We have 10 x Grafik Eye QS units serving 10 separate rooms in a large domestic property. They're all as stand alone basic systems just controlling room lighting (no blinds, etc). Each room has 2 or 3 wall scene selectors but they are wired to that room's Grafik Eye QS unit only (not linked to any other Grafik Eye QS unit).

    Our client would like to have one controller placed at the main exit of the property that would shut down all 10 Grafik Eye units (if they're left switched on). Is that easily done ? And if so, how ? We would still want each room to work independantly but just have the option to switch them all off when leaving the propoerty without going through the house checking they're all off (kids leave them on all the time).

    The 10 main units are all within the same area in the basement and wiring between them would be simple.

    Many thanks for any advice.


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    Sounds like it would work if you wire all the Grafik Eyes together and then to a keypad at the exit. You would have to program the keypad to talk to all the Grafik Eyes. You may also have to reprogram the existing keypads in the rooms to tell them which Grafik Eye to control after wiring them all together.

    If the Grafik Eyes have wireless capability, you may be able to program a pico at the front door to control the grafik eyes.

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    You achieve this by having a QSWS2-2BN-WH-EGN at the front of the property but they would have to link all (10) Grafik Eyes and keypads together and program the 2B control to talk to all (10) units as an scene 1/off. Using a wireless pico is an option if the Grafik Eyes are within range of the wireless pico (30 ft. through walls or 60 ft. line of sight) and if the Grafik Eyes are QSGRJ's. The wireless pico will not work with a QSGR.

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