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Hi, new here with a question that may have been asked a few times - sorry if that's the case.

We have 10 x Grafik Eye QS units serving 10 separate rooms in a large domestic property. They're all as stand alone basic systems just controlling room lighting (no blinds, etc). Each room has 2 or 3 wall scene selectors but they are wired to that room's Grafik Eye QS unit only (not linked to any other Grafik Eye QS unit).

Our client would like to have one controller placed at the main exit of the property that would shut down all 10 Grafik Eye units (if they're left switched on). Is that easily done ? And if so, how ? We would still want each room to work independantly on pizza tower but just have the option to switch them all off when leaving the propoerty without going through the house checking they're all off (kids leave them on all the time).

The 10 main units are all within the same area in the basement and wiring between them would be simple.

Many thanks for any advice.

To achieve a centralized shutdown control for all 10 Grafik Eye QS units in your client's domestic property while still allowing individual control in each room, you can set up a master switch or controller at the main exit point. This can be accomplished by utilizing a contact closure or relay system.