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Thread: Dimmable 75W and 100W LED bulbs 2700K with CRI > 90

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    Dimmable 75W and 100W LED bulbs 2700K with CRI > 90

    Hi guys,
    Any suggestion for Dimmable 75W and 100W LED bulbs 2700K with CRI > 90?
    I have several torch lights that need either 75W or 100W.

    For 60W I am using CREE TW and also FEIT, so far they are OK and have about 92 or 93 CRI.
    BTW Costco has 60W FEIT 2700K 92CRI on sale for about $6 each currently, pretty good deal.


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    Recently Home Depot in our area (central Texas) began selling Cree bulbs in 75W, 100W and 30/60/100W (all equivalent wattages) versions, in addition to the long-standing 40W and 60W versions. These newer wattages were only available in 2700K versions, as I recall. Not sure of the CRI of these.

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    Both the 75W and 100W equivalents are also available in daylight. The CRI is >80 so probably not as good as the TWs. has more details

    I would use Cree at this point in time since their bulbs are more efficient than Philips and the rest.

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    I also would like these very very much. I use the Cree TWs in 60W variety now and contacted Cree about a 100W version. The rep told me no 100W TW was planned. I of course don't need them to be Cree, but I cannot find a good high CRI 100W equiv. Since LEDs dim uniformly unless built specifically not to, I over-spec bulbs and dim them down by default (use 85W equiv TCP bulbs in cans for 65W applications). Then people can amp them up if they really want it bright. With incandescents, this isn't a great idea because of the color shift.

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