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Thread: Qse

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    I upgraded an Illumination system to QS. I replaced (2) HWI-CCO8s with (2) QSE-IO. They are controlling fireplaces and Somfy screens. CCO1 and 2 on the QSE share a common. CCO3 and 4 share a common. Whenever I connect anything to CCO2, both CCO1 and 2 stop working. Same with 3 and 4. If I connect just CCO1 or CCO2 they work fine.

    I spoke to tech support via email and phone. Their conclusion was a miswire or a flyback diode was needed. There is no miswire. If I move the wires from CCO2 to CCO3, the devices connected to CCO1 and 3 work fine.

    I ended up adding a 3rd QSE to get the required number of contacts. Unfortunately I now have 15 CCIs I don't need and 6 CCOs I can't use.

    My conclusion is that HQS does not have a viable CCO option.

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    Ive used QSE-IO many of times. I have never had a problem. The loads your putting through the contacts are they inductive or resistive. In some circumstances the inductive load going on and off could create a magnetic field holding the the cco closed or open. Long after the circuit is turned off the magnetic field can still be there. Installing the flyback diode and testing would defiantly help you trouble shoot the problem. Of course you could always get out your oscilloscope to troubleshoot but I would try the diode first Or get a few other loads to put on all the outputs to see if you still have the problem You said when you connect anything to CCO2 both CCO1 and CCO2 stop working what are you connecting as anything ? It seems very odd the problem your having a good way I would test is to get a few dummy loads to hook up nothing associated to the current wiring you have to see if they still fail.

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