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Thread: Home+ Connectivity

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    Home+ Connectivity

    My Home+ app on the iPad auto finds & connects directly to my RA2 system. It also shows in the app that the username & pwd are preconfigured. The iPhone app doesn't auto find the system. I could try to manually add the system if I knew how to figure out what the username & pwd are. Thoughts??

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    Can you confirm what the IP address of the main repeater is? Also go into the settings of the iPhone and select the Wi-Fi option. Select the circle to the right of the network you are connected to and verify what its IP address is as well.

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    Main Repeater IP is It wasn't until I went into the Setting on the iPhone / Wi-Fi to see what the IP address ( on the phone was that the Home+ app connected. It seemed as if I had to hit the circle to the right of the network a couple of times before the network information populated but once it populated, the app connect on the first attempt. Either way, the app on iPhone and iPad seem to be connecting to the system without issue now.

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