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Thread: LED on wallbox power module

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    LED on wallbox power module

    Looking for any trial success or failures with LED and WPM's.
    We have stuck with 6NA for now.
    There is no option for dimming LED or controlling phases.
    Was told to think of it as six 6NA's in one box but not to sure of that


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    Nope, it's not phase adaptive. I just put an install in with a bunch of NAs instead of a WPM which would have been ideal.

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    The WPM outputs use forward phase dimming. For a list of approved LED's please visit our LED product selection tool at Here you can perform a search by LED/Fixture type as well as Lutron control. For the Lutron control select the option of the GrafikEye QS unit. Any LED's that are approved with the GrafikEye QS unit will also be compatible with the WPM.

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    MitchE, I hope your issue would’ve been resolved by now. I just wanted to ask if you bought separate LEDs which are compatible with the output of this particular Wallbox Power Module or did you just use many NAs in order to achieve the desired result. It is often very helpful for people like me if there’s an outcome written in a thread after the question has been asked and answered, makes our life a whole lot easier. Thank you for starting this thread though.

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    My apologizes. The question was kind of open ended. I was just looking for real world experience. I agree that leaving post open/unanswered is not very helpful.
    We will be going with individual devices. House is still being finished. We did this same thing for the contractors previous two houses.
    Was just thinking of the WPM for easier wire and install and cleaner final look. In the end we went the safe route. It's a spec home and don't know what may change when it's sold.

    As or my own experiences with the WPM. We have used them on two jobs
    The first job was 126 device system. All halogen/incand. The exception being LED cans and LED u/c in the kitchen. 6NA and 8ANS respectively.
    The second was to replace a combo of Home Control and Old Grafik Eyes with wired KP's

    The first: considering the size of the system most everything when smooth. One piece of advice for two Main systems. Make sure the local network is up and running. I found out the hard way that the A/V company was only punching down the patch panels and that took two days. I used an old wireless to get the syst up but that threw me for a loop.
    The one prob I had with the WPM was on a Delta exhaust fan. It is on load 5. Fan would not turn on unless something else on the WPM was turned on then would turn of the same way. Tried all supported non dim/switched modes. No change. Tried "Motor switched" under supported with interface and worked great. I assumed "with interface" meant you had to have a interface. Apparently not.

    System two: 3 WPM for 4 areas. All working KP's from LowVolt wire direct from WPM's. 1st, WPM and 4 KP's no prob. Second WPM and 3 KP's no prob. Third/fourth area had all six loads used and was pushing 2100W. Changed 8 75par30 to TCP13w LED. That helped. Also will limit high for other loads to keep thing cool. LED looked smooth. so far everything else is Incan/Hal.

    Would like to see more setup for the WPM in the software instead of at the unit. IE high low trim

    Probably more answer than you wanted. I've been keeping a list as I go from job to job of software issues/suggestion/question I'll post later.

    That is all.

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    I'm not done yet,
    The 3rd/4th area has 4KPs. I've noticed that the two at the end of the run flicker a bit at button press and some times when buttons are lit.
    Thinking wires are at the max run for KP voltage. Not long as the crow flies but may be a bit long running through the attic that's bigger than my house.
    Other wise buttons are working as programmed.

    End of line.....

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