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Thread: LQSE 4A-D Power LED flashing

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    LQSE 4A-D Power LED flashing


    I have a probem with LQSE-4A-D. The Power lamp on the unit keep flashing continous? Cant find any answer on Lutron website. Not possible to manually overide the dimmer

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    For the issue with Power LED Blinking:

    Problem - LQSE-4A is having issues communicating with the dimming board that controls the outputs.
    Cause - Currently being investigated.
    Possible Solutions - Try a power cycle and transfer. If this does not resolve the issue, we would recommend connecting it by itself only on the QS link then going to "Tools->Update DPM Firmware". Perform a firmware upgrade to the unit and a transfer afterward. If the unit is still not controlling the loads, the unit is bad and would need to be replaced.


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