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Thread: Timeclock mode "Suspend" and how it actually works...

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    Timeclock mode "Suspend" and how it actually works...

    Hi all,
    There is a timeclock mode called "Suspend" that we can assign to a button. The description says "Use the suspend mode to temporarily disable all timeclock events. Example: the home owner is having a party and does not want the lights to turn off at midnight as they normally would".
    This suspend mode is not visible when we are editing/programming timeclock mode and timeclock event, so I assume this must be a built-in mode that would suspend all timeclock events as described in the description.

    I have lights in several rooms that I control using occupancy/vacancy sensors to turn on and off automatically using:
    - timeclock event called "sensors ON" to ENABLE them from sunset to sunrise.
    - timeclock event called "sensors OFF" to DISABLE them to from sunrise to sunset.

    These all work perfectly fine. There are times that I too want to disable the sensors so that the lights would not turn off automatically. For this purpose I assign a keypad button to switch to "Suspend" mode. When I tried this it wouldn't work, the lights were still controlled by the sensors to turn on and off automatically.
    I tried this around 9PM when all the sensors are in ENABLE state.
    What did I miss?

    Is the suspend only suspending the "next" timeclock events and LEAVING the state as it is before we change the timeclock mode to "Suspend"? So in this case it would actually leave the sensors ENABLE all the times (24/7) until we switch out from suspend mode to normal mode.

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    I did some tests and it looks like the suspend mode is suspending the next timeclock events. If you use this to cancel event before it happens then it would work. If the event is already in progress then it would actually make this event continues until we switch out of this suspend mode. Looks like it is designed that way so it is working as expected.

    To accomplish what I want above I have to create a timeclock event to disable the sensors. So here is the dilemma. To disable sensors you have to use timeclock event. Timeclock event is set to happen at fixed time or around sunset and sunrise, there is no "now" time (to activate at the time we switch to the timeclock mode with this event). You still can do this but we would end up having to create one timeclock event say for every 15 minutes (to get the effect in 15 mins time).

    What would be nice is:
    1. to have a scene that can control sensors just like we control lights.
    2. to have a "now" or immediate time for timeclock event or perhaps every "x" minutes.

    Lutron -- please pass this to the engineering team as enhancement request. Thanks.

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