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Thread: RA1 homeower wanting to replace with RA2 questions

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    RA1 homeower wanting to replace with RA2 questions

    I have 32 Ra dimmers used strictly for lighting scenes installed in 2001. It has been unpleasant to have to call a electricain to reprogram or change settings the last thirteen years so much so that you just don't do it and live with what you have. The electrician who finally learns it leaves the firm and then it is starting all over again. I have been told that RA2 is much easier and that I can change the light levels and different scenes myself. I am very computer literate Mac user since 1988 and have four full time maintenance people of my own. Can the RA2 be programmed and scenes changed by us or not? If it requires a trained person to set it up can we modify it from an app or computer to tailor the scenes to my liking once I have lived with it and understand what it can do and what I want?

    Timers for many outdoor lightes I used a York but amd just going to go with photoeye sensors it was simply too much trouble and expensive electrican bills not so much from resetting it but having to pay them to learn it each time. Crazy Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to set up several LED tuplip bulbed fixtures outdoors and the pros and cons of a photo eye versus a time that would change with the ever changing sundown times?

    Thank you, Terry

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    With the RadioRA2 system you are able to use the Lutron Home Control+ app to modify and create new time clock events after the systems has been initially programmed by an authorized Lutron RadiioRA2 dealer.

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