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Thread: Single seeTouch Keypad for Lights and Shades

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    Single seeTouch Keypad for Lights and Shades

    I'm planning an upgrade for my living room that includes some can lights, lamp dimming modules, and the honeycomb wireless shades. These will all be on Radio RA2 dimmers, etc. I'd like to use a single seeTouch keypad to control it all, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the button configuration. Can a single set of raise/lower buttons be used to control both the lights and shades independently? If so, how does this work? Would I use the raise/lower on last button double-tapped for example? I've never programmed this mode, so not sure how well it works.

    I know I can get a keypad with two sets of raise/lower, but that limits the number or scene buttons to only two for lights or shades, which would probably have to be a "preset" scene and an "off" or "closed" scene.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    With shades, I find it very easy to use the single button control - press it once, the shade starts going down, press again it stops, press again it starts going up, press again it stops, etc.

    I also find the default up/down control the last load as the most convenient - so if you just adjusted the shade, then the up/down will control the shade. Then if you activate a light scene, the up/down will control that scene.

    I've done my button configuration like this:

    [bright light scene]
    [mid light scene]
    [dim light scene]
    [lights off]
    ########### (blank spot, no button)

    That way, there is separation between the light and the shade buttons, and, as I described above, the raise/lower buttons will still work with the lights or shades - whichever you adjusted last....

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