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Thread: App not adjusting Timeclock for VCRX

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    App not adjusting Timeclock for VCRX

    I have used a VCRX (via a series of relays and the CCO's) to make a pool control panel.

    It's working beautifully. However, recently I wanted to adjust the time setting from the APP and it doesn't recognize the VCRX as a device. So when I try and edit the time settings from the app it errors out saying I need to select a device.


    It's in my own home so I can adjust from the software, but it would be a lot easier and quicker to do so from the App.

    Also, when I go to edit the "On" time from the APP, it automatically closes the contact (CCO 1?) and effectively starts the pump. Assuming this was a garage door or something more threatening, this could potentially be dangerous. I've noticed this from the software as well, occasionally some of the lights will go on or off when transferring. Is there an option I'm not aware of to have them unaffected during transfer.

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    The Lutron Home Control+ app will not display the contact closure outputs on the VCRX. We have passed along your feedback to the development team.

    When you go to edit the scene the scene preset is executed which will turn on all of the assigned loads to their programmed levels.

    When a transfer is being performed the devices reset which causes the lights that are on to turn off and then back on. There is not away to disable this from occurring..

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