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Thread: Quantum system trigger by third party via RS232

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    Quantum system trigger by third party via RS232

    We have a Quantum project, it have 4 pcs of QSNE-4S10-D, 1pcs of QSNE-4T10-D and 2pcs of QSNE-2DAL-D.
    All the programming is already finished, but the A.V. system send out RS232 to NWK for Raising or Lowering the area light level will have delay, when they release the button, it will send command Stop Raising/Lowering to NWK as same time, but the light fixture still dimming down the level, and it will stop around 2-3 second, is it normal? if not, any setting can improve this delay problem?

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    For the best integration troubleshooting assistance for the commercial Quantum system, please email with the following information:

    - Commands being sent to the NWK from the press and release buttons
    - When do you see the feedback in the NWK that the stop command was sent
    - If you send the commands to the NWK from a telnet session, do you experience the same delay?
    - What else is connected on the network with the AV system and the NWK?

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