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Thread: GRX-IRPS-WH Partition Sensors

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    GRX-IRPS-WH Partition Sensors

    Some partition wall installed on a project does not have dry contacts to signal the door being open or closed. Can these be used on a HWQS system. If so, how are they implemented in the programming. I have 3 partitions. Thanks in advance!

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    The partition wall does not need to have dry contacts. The GRX-IRPS-WH sensors would need to be placed on opposite sides on the wall and they will keep an infra red beam of communication between them. This sensor will connect to the QSE-IO input and common. When the sensor IR signal is communicating (the wall is open), the IRPS will maintain an active high signal of 24V to the QSE-IO. When the sensor is not communicating, the signal will be at 0V. All three sensors can be connected to a separate input of the QSE-IO. It is not a dry contact connection.

    See the wiring diagram with the IO in the link below

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