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Thread: Scene programming with logic?

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    Scene programming with logic?

    Hi all,

    Is there a way to program a scene using some kind of logic? For example: a scene would turn on/modify light if it is currently in OFF position.

    Here is a real live scenario.
    I have a button called "Pathway" programmed to do path of light that would turn on the stairs lights, hallway lights and kitchen lights to 40%, this is a path of light from upstairs rooms to the kitchen downstairs.
    I also have a scene called "Reading" and it would turn on the kitchen lights to 90%.

    Say I am reading and using the "reading" scene (kitchen lights at 90%), then my kid from upstairs wants to down to the kitchen and use the "Pathway" button, in this case it would dim the lights in kitchen to 40% and obviously affecting my reading scene.
    What would be cool is if we can make the "Pathway" scene to ONLY go to 40% for lights in the kitchen if say originally the lights in kitchen were OFF or less than 40%.

    Is there a way to do this currently?

    Hope I am not asking too much here. :-)
    Thanks all.

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    To accomplish the programming you are looking for would require conditional logic to be used on the button. The RadioRA2 system does not support conditional programming to be able to accomplish this programming request.

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    You'd need third party control software running on top - something like CQC...

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    Why not place some radio occ sensors along the path (hall, stairs and kitchen) and forget about the pathway buttons all together? Why do you want to press a button to turn on lights when sensors can trigger the "pathway" for you? I think pathway buttons are cumbersome and awkward 1980's-style-automation. Timeclock the sensors to work in vacancy mode in the day and occupancy mode at night.
    Maybe the question is, why are you are asking too little!? :)

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    @Craig -- Thanks for the reply. I would put this as enhancement request if the current main repeater's micro controller has the ability to process conditional logic. This would be a powerful feature that I am pretty sure is a good selling point.

    @rapamatic -- thanks for the info. For now I am not thinking to do that just to get this feature. Less complexity is the key in this case.

    @ekimia -- I thought about that too but I have to install more sensors and honestly the sensors are kind of big and obvious looking on the walls, not too excited about the look for now. :-)

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    We will pass along this feedback on to the RadioRA2 development team.

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