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Thread: Red/Green Flashing

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    Red/Green Flashing


    We are having a couple of problems. Firstly we have a blind that even after installing new batteries will raise about 3/4 up the window, and then stop and flash red/green 3 times. The only place I can find in the manual where it indicates this should happen is when the blind has new batteries fitted.

    The other problem I have with a couple of the blinds in the house is that we are getting around 9 months battery life from them, when we have Duracell or Energiser D size batteries fitted to the blinds, they are longer/wider blinds with 8 batteries in the blind, but the life is significantly less than we expected and we are onto a third set of batteries after 18 months, and replacing 8 batteries is not the cheapest exercise.

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    The first issue sounds like a stall condition. If you lift up on the hembar while the shade is raising, does it go higher than 3/4 of the way up?

    For both issues we would like to see the shade order information to help up find the root cause. Depending on the age of the shade, there will be an 'order' and 'line' section on the motor sticker. If it is not present, please look up this information. Email it to to help us further investigate.

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