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Thread: LED Dimmer recommendations for a Dual Switch on a "designer" Faceplate?

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    Question LED Dimmer recommendations for a Dual Switch on a "designer" Faceplate?

    Hello All! My parents just moved into a new house and we jumped right in on upgrading the lighting situation. My family has long been known as "bats" and we tend to put just about every light on a dimmer due to personal preferences / chronic migraines (My Mom even helped me put a dimmer on the bathroom lights in my college dorm suite 😂). Suffice to say, dimmable lighting was in the building plan for this new house. Somehow though the lighting installer thought it'd be fine to go ahead and get the dimmable bulbs we discussed and then put in a bunch of these super strange Dual Switch rocker switches to save space!? They would be nice if they weren't impossible to swap out! I thought that the "Lutron Maestro Dual Digital Fade Dimmer" (MA-L3L3) would be exactly what we need but apparently it's only for incandescent / halogen light loads. I found the MACL-LFQ which does work with LEDs but it's only one dimmer and the other switch is a fan dimmer which we don't need. Has anyone ever had this issue or seen anything that might work in the scenario. Obviously this dual switch is between several other boxes which we've already got Casetas on so we need something that Dims two LED fixtures and will fit in the rectangular "Designer" faceplate. And of course we obviously would prefer the colour to not be a terrible miss-match. Leviton and Lutron white have been fine. Any chance anyone can save me? It's been driving my dad BONKERS. TIA- Kelly

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    Lutron does not carry an LED rated dual/stacked dimmer as the MA-L3L3 was only tested/rated for halogen/incandescent and we would not recommend to use it as it is out of spec. If you have any other questions our tech support is available 24/7 at ( and (1-888-588-7661).

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    If this is a new construction home, I would make the builder fix it. There may be an isolated case where a stack switch is necessary but more than 1 per home is excessive.

    If it is an existing home you have some options but will need to talk to a systems specialist. Go to and click on "where to buy" in the upper right corner.
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