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Thread: Problems w/ Fluorescent lights that share same neutral w/ LED light on Lutron Dimmer

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    Problems w/ Fluorescent lights that share same neutral w/ LED light on Lutron Dimmer

    I have a Lutron LED+ dimmer switch controlling a compatible LED strip light and their is also a Fluorescent light that shares the same hot and neutral wires (I have a second instance with the same problem where the lights are on different circuits that share the same neutral so it seems the problem is with the sharing of the neutral). The problem is that before I installed the LED+ lutron switch, the LED light worked fine with its switch, and the fluorescent worked fine with its switch. When I installed the dimmer on the LED light, the Fluorescent lights began having a problem with turning on. When the LED dimmer switch is turned on, the fluorescent light will not come on when its switch is turned on. If the fluorescent light is turned on first, it stays on fine when the LED switch is turned on. If the LED dimmer switch is on, then the fluorescent switch is then turned to the on position, the fluor light will stay off, but will then come on when the LED dimmer switch is turned off. Help.

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    You are correct - it is the neutral. Electronic dimmers use the neutral so you are getting some feedback on the neutral. In some cases, the fluorescent may not turn completely off. You may not notice it unless it is completely dark.

    You can try different fluorescent bulbs. Newer bulbs may have circuitry to prevent these issues. You can try a LUT-MLC on the dimmer. This will help it turn completely off in low-load installations.

    You should separate the neutrals for the other 2 circuits.
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