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Thread: Why Do Some LEDs Work With Dimmers and Others Don't?

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    Pete F.

    Why Do Some LEDs Work With Dimmers and Others Don't?

    As of now, there is no industry standard with LEDs. Since they are all manufactured differently, they will all react differently to the dimming signals that our controls create resulting in varying performance. With this information in mind, Lutron engineers do extensive compatibility testing with LEDs on our controls. We take the guess work out of buying LEDs. We have our Compatible Bulb List as well as our LED Product Selection Tool to help customers choose the right LED. For more detailed information on those resources, please go to the Compatibility and/or Best Practices section.

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    Thanks for sharing..

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    In our experience, it is not so much a problem with the LEDs as it is a mismatch with the power supply being used. For example, our LED modules are dimmable. The regulated Mean Well HLG power supplies we provide with them allows you to dim in 3 different ways, 1~10Vdc or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal or resistance. So as long as you can supply one of those signals to the power supply you can dim the LED module.

    Where we see problems is when someone is trying to dim this or similar regulated power supplies by affecting the high end (110VAC) side of the power supply. This will not work because, with regulated power supplies, they will ways try to output the proper voltage. In these cases, you need to use an unregulated power supply like those from Magnitude Lighting or similar.

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