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Thread: RadioRA2 Lamp Table dimmer for LED

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    RadioRA2 Lamp Table dimmer for LED

    Hi all,

    Is there a RadioRA2 lamp table dimmer for CFL/LED? I know there is a wall mount version RRD-6CL available.
    Do you know whether Lutron would have something like this soon?

    Currently all of my lamp tables and torch lights are using CFL. I want to make sure it is working with CFL and later when I change the bulb to LED with say 9W the dimmer would still work nicely.

    Thanks guys.

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    I'm using this LED bulb in a table lamp w/RRD-3LD.


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    I'm using the 75 watt-equivalent CREE LEDs (one bulb per fixture) in a couple floor lamps with the lamp dimmer very successfully - they dim smoothly, no flickering or buzzing that I can detect. I need to play around with the limits a bit though, since they turn on a bit sooner than my overhead incandescents when I am activating a scene in the room.

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    Covered here: link

    I've used a range of LEDs in both of the types of plug-in dimmers fairly successfully.

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