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Thread: Activate Scene with Pico

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    Quote Originally Posted by veeeh View Post
    There is the four button Pico with engravement option, costs $99.00 MSRP
    Oh thanks, do you have a link where I can buy them?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	390 This is all I find on their website and it says it doesn't list Caseta as one of the systems that it works with

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    This is the page that you want to reference for the complete list of Caseta components:

    PJ2?4B?XX?L31P is the 4-button scene Pico.

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    Ah thanks! So it looks like the pico dimmers rather than the 4-button in the picture I posted ? Where can you buy it?

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    Found it, as pictured.

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    Here is the spec sheet for the 4-button Pico control: .
    Note: the 4-Group Toggle version (Model -L41) will not work with Caseta. It is for Homeworks QS and Quantum systems only.

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    Got it. So where can you buy these ?

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    You would be able to purchase them from local Electrical Distributors or Lighting Showrooms. You can't buy them at a big-box store such as Home Depot or Lowes.

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    Caseta As Orphen

    Just because Caseta is considered as a small home system, why lobotomize the software?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin P. View Post

    In the Caseta Wireless system the ON button of the Pico will turn the devices assigned to 100%. The OFF button of the Pico will turn those devices off. Using the Preset button on the Pico you can individually adjust the levels of the devices and create a favorite scene.

    The devices assigned to the Pico in the Lutron App will control all the assigned devices on all buttons. The ability to assign different devices to the individual buttons of a Pico is a feature of the RadioRA 2 or Homeworks QS systems.

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