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Thread: Honeywell(Lutron) color thermostats

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    Unhappy Honeywell(Lutron) color thermostats

    The touch pro t-stats work well, but are really ugly per my clients. A homeowner can go to the local home warehouse and buy a $215.00 color Honeywell t-stat and have it on their app in minutes. The color t-stat even matches the wall color. The display is easier to see too. It has outside temperature built in to the stat. It gets the outside temp. Thru the zip code. Lutron needs to step it up to this new platform to compete. I can't charge twice as much for an ugly green non color unit. Not to mention all the programming time it would take to get the client up and running.
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    I agree, and to be honest the lutron thermostats are both very basic - no humidity control (for a humidifier or dehumidifier), no minimum fan run time for circulation, I don't think it is learning, etc. etc.... I think they look great (especially the non-Honeywell one), but the feature set isn't there compared to more advanced options. Plus, a lot of the newer, high end HVAC systems (Carrier Infinity) basically require you to use their proprietary thermostats...

    Clearly the Lutron stuff works ok for basic installations, but nothing complicated or high end... I just don't see it gaining much traction...

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