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Thread: HomeWorks panels and LED bulb control

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    HomeWorks panels and LED bulb control

    We received this question from a customer, and thought others might be interested in this topic...

    A homeowner reached out to me and requested we replace the incandescent bulbs currently installed in his home with LED bulbs. Our group installed his lighting system: HomeWorks Illumination - mainly a centralized, panel-based system.

    My question is...which bulbs should we look at using? Are HomeWorks panels compatible with LED bulbs?

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    Pete F.
    That's a great question. On, along the right-hand side under, Related resources, you will see the Residental Systems Compatible CFL/LED Bulb List. This list will tell you which LEDs can be used with specific dimmers. If you want to use panels, that information can be found on the LED Product Selection Tool. Under the Lutron Control field, select the specific panel that you wish to use and hit search. A list of all the compatible bulbs will appear at the bottom of the page. Simply click on the model number of the LED and Report Card, showing maximum number of fixtures that can be used, dimming range and any special instructions, like adjust low-end trim or switch to reverse phase.

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