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Thread: Appliance Module for outdoor purposes?

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    Appliance Module for outdoor purposes?

    Hi folks,

    There are two pumps driving an outdoor water feature. Is there the equivalent of the RadioRa2 Appliance Module ( rated for outdoor use? If not are there any outdoor receptacles? Would be great to drive this ON/OFF as part of the RadioRa2 Home Control dashboard.


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    RadioRA2 does not have any outdoor rated products. Depending on the pumps, you could use an RRD-8ANS-WH in line with the pumps or the receptacle the pumps are plugged into. Just use a plastic W/P box for the switch.
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    I have an install going on right now which is bringing a transformer inside to use an 8ANS, and we're also putting in 15A switched outlets outside through the softswitch (warning: only works in Inclusive). Neither of these might work easily for you, but if you have a home run to the house with the power, you could drop the softswitch inline.

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    Thanks everyone. Perhaps I can use an appliance module in a waterproof box too. Would allow for more flexibility in the design...

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    It probably would work in a waterproof, but recognize the temperature specs for the device to avoid premature failure.

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