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Thread: Engraving Wallplates Above/Below Controls?

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    Engraving Wallplates Above/Below Controls?

    I have an install about to begin that has a number of basement controls. Yes, I know RR2 isn't designed for ganging a bunch of controls in an equipment room, but that's what we're doing for the outside fixtures (i.e. Pergola Light, Pergola Fan, Sconces, String Lights, Step Lights, Switched Outdoor Outlets, Floods, etc.....). A keypad by the door out to the patio is all we need for everyday use, but since you can't immediately see the feedback of what the control did, labeling them makes sense.

    Is anyone aware of a way to nicely engrave above or below each opening on a Claro wall plate? As far as I know, Lutron only offers labeling on the sides. It won't be seen often, so we could just go with a label maker, but that's not very nice.


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    Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-523-9466 as they will be able to assist you on placing an engraving order to have the faceplate engraved either above or below the opening for the control.
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