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Thread: Security of RadioRA2 RF transmissions

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    Security of RadioRA2 RF transmissions

    Would someone be able to sniff the ClearConnect RF transmissions, figure out what is being controlled and the actual message contents to hijack the system?

    Or is there some protection in place?

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    Lutron uses a non-typical frequency with a low duty cycle and a proprietary command structure making it very secure. We've deployed millions of RF devices and have no reports of any such behavior.

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    There has been quite a bit of activity/ interest in probing for security holes/ issues in competing technologies (e.g. Zigbee, Wifi).
    Some examples include replay and injection attacks.

    Has Lutron tested against such potential threats?


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    Interesting. I think there's some defense for Lutron in that these devices are relatively rare versus the other technologies you mentioned. It would need to be specifically targeting a user I'd think, as usually they would go for more potential victims.

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