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Thread: Cant find Main Repeater

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    Cant find Main Repeater

    We received this question from a customer, and thought others might be interested in this topic...

    In some jobs I've seen difficulties finding the Main Repeater to program the system. Does anyone know of a very efficient checklist of steps we can take to find the Main Repeater if initially it is not seen?

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    I would review Connecting to Lutron Processors Guide guide. This is a simple guide to follow to ensure you are able to find your Main Repeater.

    I also recommend referring to the RadioRA 2 Networking Guide to ensure the network settings are correct.

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    Ben M.
    Great resource links Kevin!

    Top reasons for not being able to connect to main repeater:

    1. Firewalls - any and all need to be turned off! Windows Firewall, Antivirus programs (even if they are expired), and firewalls built into a router
    2. Network settings - an IP address conflict on the network can make it impossible to see a repeater. Be sure the IP address settings you are using match the network you are connected to
    3. Router settings - some routers block IP multicasting. Finding that setting within the router can be tricky depending on the make/model of the router

    Other oddball reasons:

    4. Bridge connections of a virtual machine (i.e. mac running parallels or fusion) aren't set up right.
    5. Bad Ethernet cable to the repeater. Use standard Cat5e (not crossover) and make sure indicator lights light up next to the RJ-45 jack
    6. Main repeater is not turned on. Make sure it has power from the AC wall outlet adapter and has not entered "safe mode"

    To eliminate most of these variables: connect directly to the main repeater with a single Ethernet cable and a Static IP address set on your Local Area Connection of your PC.

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    great links but even though ive followed the connecting guide and networking guide im still having the same issue. the lights work through my automation system as well as the elan g control system, i cannot add new switches however. im hooked to and controlling lights by ethernet and rs232, why can essentials not find a working repeater?

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    If you are directly connected from your computer to the main repeater with an Ethernet cable and are using the project file that was last transferred to the system when you go to enter activation are you able to enter action? If not does it just fail or do you get the main repeater settings screen?

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    I'm having a similar issue with a main rep that had no ether net connected. I also have no file and I need to extract the running program so it can be modified. Don't know the running fw either. If I hook up direct the software cannot locate and communicate and if I put both on the same network switch I also can't find it. I don't know if the main is dhcp or static but I'm assuming static and have no clue what subnet. Same procedure worked on another main rep on this job and I also have homework wired and re on this job which makes no sense to me but...
    I have no firewall wall on my pic and the network is installed by other.

    If I'm connected direct and I put my pic on a class C subnet like will it find the master if static on another subnet like
    Danbury, CT

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    If you are directly connected to the main repeater you will be able to find the main repeater regardless of the IP address of the main repeater or your computer. You can then set a static IP address for the main repeater to make the connection to the main repeater.

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    Well then there's a problem since I couldn't. I'll bring my own router to see if it's making a dhcp request but I had no joy with direct connect or when I put it on the house network.
    Danbury, CT

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    Hi. Having issue finding repeater. Using a Mac with parallels and have an all apple set up 10.0.1.... Network. I can see the repeater on network, but it won't see it. Hooked directly to computer, still couldn't!!! All firewalls were disabled

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    Right now I'm seeing a similar issue.
    Things have been going well until the last 2 weeks when the main repeater would go offline at random intervals.
    On occasion, the problem would go away without any intervention.

    The main repeater has the following setup

    a. Static IP address, gateway address

    b. Connected via Cat5e to the home router which has a switch and is setup correctly

    The symptoms when the problem happens

    1. The M led light flashes amber every 4 seconds and is otherwise green.

    2. The ethernet port lights indicate that there is a link and traffic.

    3. The main repeater cannot be found on the local network when using the RadioRA2 software.

    4. The time scheduled programming still kicks in.
    5. The main repeater cannot be pinged on the local network.
    6. A direct connection to a computer with a static IP address - cannot ping or telnet into the main repeater.
    7. The service indicates that there is a malfunction with the Lutron main repeater.

    After power cycling the repeater
    1. The main repeater can be found on the local network.
    2. The main repeater can be found when directly connected to a computer with a static IP address.

    Is this a hardware problem?



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