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Thread: Blinking LEDs on 6D

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    Blinking LEDs on 6D

    I did something I know I shouldn't, just because I wanted to see what would happen. I dropped in two (very nice) CRI 93 60W equiv (13.5W) TW Series CREE LED bulbs in a pair of pendants driven off of a 6D. I was actually surprised that they dimmed and performed exactly as I expected. They dimmed fine from a low level (but not quite as low as an incandescent) and were very smooth throughout. It was only when I looked at the LEDs on the 6D when it was in the off position did I notice anything suspect. The LEDs in the 6D sometimes would blink but would otherwise be okay. I pulled the FASS and will put a 6NA in in a few minutes.

    Given how it performed so well except for the status LEDs, I was wondering what people might take from it? I know 6CLs are basically the new 6Ds, but it would be great if the 6Ds could be used in the shift to LEDs.

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    I've used the table top lamp dimmer for the 6.5 Cree A lamp and had excellent performance. I did not encounter the blinking LEDs as you did, which would indicate the dimmer is under it's recommended wattage.
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    Thanks for the comment. Yes, the lamp dimmers do work great. :) I pulled the 6D and replaced with a NA, which of course works fine.

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