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Thread: Main repeater debug mode

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    Main repeater debug mode

    Hey all -

    Does anyone know if there is any sort of debug mode accessible via telnet in the main repeater? I have a device that won't activate but appears to communicate with the repeater. I'd be interested to see if any clear connect radio messages are going out or coming in during this time.


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    There is not a way to see what massages are being transmitted to or from a device.
    When you are in activation does the device blink once every three seconds?
    When you press and hold the device for 6 seconds does the main repeater beep?
    Do you have the option on the software to click activate for the device?
    Are there any metal objects between the device and the closet repeater?
    How far aware is the device from the closest repeater?

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    Hi Craig -

    I ask about the debug mode because somehow I stumbled across something like that in the past. The repeater announced that RF monitor mode active or something similar. I got that by accident while installing another system. At the time it seemed unimportant but for this and other troubleshooting it might be very useful.

    anyway, the device does seem to enter activation mode with the blinking LEDs. When doing the press and hold routine sometimes nothing happens and other times the software reports something like "unknown device heard" or similar. I can try to repeat it tomorrow to get the exact message if important.

    The device is about 15 feet from the repeater and it's clear between. I don't have any reason to believe the two can't communicate.

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    If this is the only device that is experiencing this issue then it would unfortunately sound like this device should be replaced. If you are experiencing this issue with other devices please call our technical support at 1-800-523-9466 while you are on site.

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