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Thread: Programming Automatic reboot on timer

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    Programming Automatic reboot on timer

    I have a project with QS Homeworks and QED shades. We are controlling the shades with a 4 series Illumination processor that is networked to the QS processor.

    Now that the homeowner has moved in and everyone is off the job, we are finding that about once a week the shades stop working and the QS processor needs to be rebooted. Once it is rebooted the connection is re-established and the shades start working again. Unfortunately this issue didn't surface during construction and start-up because the reboots were happening regularly while we were working. This problem only surfaced after the job was completely finished.

    We are taking the usual troubleshooting steps - On Tuesday we temporarily pulled both processors off the network and connected them to their own router.

    But the homeowner and GC don't like it that can't promise them that the problem is definitively fixed and because it happens so infrequently the troubleshooting will be a slow process.

    Is there any way to program the QS processor to reboot automatically once a day? Any way to send a network command from the Illumination processor to reboot the system?

    If not, is there a command that I can ask the IT vendor on the job ( we are doing Lutron only, not AV, security or network ) to send once a day to reboot?

    Or do you have any idea as to why this connection needs to be reset....the once a week is approximate BTW, the failures are happening on different days and at different times.

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    Digital Loggers has a web power switch or a rack mountable ethernet power controller:
    that have an auto ping reboot feature where they control the power to the connected devices. There's also a web interface that you can log in to reboot via local or remote vpn access. I've also written an AMX module for so it can be used with integrated systems. Other power bricks should be able power cycle based on a 24 hour clock but you really should have these as a rarely needed tool not a nightly fix.
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    You can also try subnetting the systems of the home network so only these two systems are on the same subnet and only receive the ncessesary information from the home network. If they have further issues in this configuration, you could send support files from both the hwqs and HW Illumination system to and reference this forum post.

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