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Thread: Additional RadioRA2 programming features/wish-list

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    Yes, this is a wish list item which I think would work for you.

    I would like to be able to set occupancy/vacancy lighting levels for dimmers associated with a LRF2 motion sensor via a timeclock function just like you can set occupancy or vacancy modes as a timeclock function. Also, be able to select lights for each timeclock event for example; at night would like the garage light and the side yard light to turn on when I enter garage via LRF2 motion triggered, but in the morning only turn on the garage light but not the side yard light.

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    I'd like to have Occupancy sensors and timeclock events be able to call a shared scene rather than making me set all the levels manually for every load again. Silly to make us do this if we already have a shared scene with all the levels perfect.

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