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Thread: Pico with HWQS Wireless

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    Pico with HWQS Wireless


    I have a question, I have a system with HWQS Wireless, Repeater, Graphic Eye QS wireless and Pico. all devices were recognized and activated by HWQS, and Graphic Eye should also respond to Pico keystroke, it does not. what can be wrong? Thank you

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    Is the programmed to control QSG loads and activated via the software? The Pico should not be associated via the programming capability of the QSG.

    Please connect to the processor in "Tools->Terminal" and press the button on the Pico. Do you see integration feedback that has the QSG zones going to a level? Do you not see any feedback?

    Right click the terminal window and select the option for "Save Log" for us to review.

    Also please attach a copy of the project file to this post.

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