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Thread: Buzzing sound with utilitech Pro (from Lowes) and Lutron dimmer

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    Unhappy Buzzing sound with utilitech Pro (from Lowes) and Lutron dimmer

    Hello, I got several Utilitech Pro LED (#0443053), 4 inches, 2700K at Lowes and got them installed in three different rooms with nice Lutron Dimmers (pretty sure it's the Lutron Maestro 1.25-Amp White Digital Dimmer).

    In every room, I hear a tiny buzzing coming from all the lights and after some research people tended to point at a dimmer incompatibility.

    I was wonder if you could confirm that those two don't work together and what is the solution.

    The box of the LED says (in real small font) that the LG-603PGH-WH would be compatible but honestly they are ugly compared to the Maestro and I'd like to avoid that..

    IF the dimmer is in question, why is the dimmer not compatible??
    Thanks for the help.

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    Pete F.
    apassemard, Unfortunately, there is currently no industry standard when it comes to dimming LEDs and the performance will vary greatly from one to the next. When LEDs are used on a dimming control, depending on the design of the LED, they can produce high current spikes. These high spikes may cause the bulbs or the dimmer itself to produce an audible buzz or hum. Due to design and manufacturing variation, the volume of this buzz will differ from one to the next. Because of this lack of an industry standard with LEDs, Lutron does extensive compatibility testing on LEDs with our controls. For a list of LEDs that have been tested and passed our testing, please refer to our Compatible Bulb List and our LED Product Selection Tool. The LEDs that appear on these lists are the only LEDs that we can stand behind the performance of.

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