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Thread: Strange issue

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    Strange issue

    Ive got a strange issue going on with my system. HW illumination Version 1.65
    I have 8 loads 2 different modules that are having 3-5 sec delay coming on but they also will not come on if not set to 100% if set any lower they donít come on

    Trouble shooting I tried
    Changed out keypad to new keypad
    Changed out 4u module with new
    Changed out M.I with new
    Changed out wiring harness from M.I to modules
    Checked programming (everything looks ok to me )

    Loads with issues are the following
    Quad C Basement\Mechinical Room B13\LCP1
    Module:4 Outputs 1-4
    Module:7 Outputs 1-4
    3-5 sec delay turning on
    If dimming lvl lower than 100% lights donít turn on

    I have 15 other LCP panels none of them are having this issue just this on panel.

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    We would first want to verify that in the project file these RPMís are RPM-4Uís and not RPM-4Aís. We have seen similar issues with those simptoms happen and this has been the cause. Once this is verified can you please send the project file to to see if we can reproduce the issue?

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