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Thread: Raise Lower DMX RGB Lights and Incandescent Lights

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    Raise Lower DMX RGB Lights and Incandescent Lights

    We were asked how a keypad raise and lower buttons can raise and lower DMX scenes as well as raise and lower lighting scenes without them clashing. See below for an example on how to perform this functionality.

    We have a 3 channel DMX zone programmed and 3 Incandescent loads. We also have a variable called Keypad RL. It has default state "Lights" and other state "DMX". Each keypad programmed this way would need its own variable.

    One of the keypad buttons is programmed to control the DMX 3 channel zone. It is set up as a single action manual sequence with two steps. Step one will set the zone to red, step two will turn it off. It is a manual sequence instead of a toggle because master raise lower buttons will not affect it. The button will also set the Keypad RL variable to "DMX".

    The other 2 buttons control lights. They toggle from 100% - 0%. They also set the Keypad RL variable to "Lights".

    The raise lower buttons are based on variables. If the keypad variable is set to "Lights", the button will act as a master raise lower. This will not affect the DMX zone and will affect the last lighting scene.

    If the keypad variable is set to DMX, the rasie and lower will go through a sequence (Raise goes to the next step, lower goes to the previous step). This sequence should go through the different hues of color you would want in your spectrum. Please be aware, a master raise lower will not keep the same color DMX zone, this is why we have manual sequences that should shift through the different hues you would want to select. Please be aware, we did not go through specific hues on our sample project, we just had the sequence traverse through different colors.

    This programming style can be copied over to different keypads and phantom keypads, but each keypad would need its own variable.
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    I have DMX 512 RGBW leds that are controlled with a standalone controller.
    It has these features. Is there a way I can connect this to be controlled by my RadioRa2?
    The unit features:
    -DMX512 Stand Alone Controller with a glass face
    -3 touch sensitive buttons for simplicity and reliability
    -dynamic scenes created step by step with adjustable timing
    -live setting of the intensity and color of a scene
    -programmable with the included USB cable and control software
    -5 pin connector block at the rear : 3xDMX 2xpower
    -works with 5-12V AC/DC adapter (optional)
    -128 DMX channels

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    Unfortunately, RadioRa2 does not have the capability for DMX control. Please see the post below:

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    Apologies in advance for the sermon. I just looked at this example, and I'm left wondering if it would kill Lutron designers to do a little math, and implement master fade on the CI-DMX. More and more people are starting to understand that light doesn't have to be limited to various intensities of "white"- it's ok to mix some hues in as well. It would just make things easier if Lutron took a proactive role and offered a native solution which allowed for seamless integration of colors into its high end system.

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