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Thread: Sensors To Turn On Exterior Lights?

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    Sensors To Turn On Exterior Lights?

    Hi, I have a bunch of exterior lights controlled by RRD-6CL dimmers on a RadioRA2 system. I was hoping to install some sensors do detect presence and turn on the lights to, say, 30%. Are the occupancy sensors a good approach, or is it better to have the sensors as part of an alarm system and then integrated into the RadioRA2?


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    The RadioRA2 battery powered sensors are not rated for external use. If the alarm system is in place, have the existing sensors trigger a scene via phantom button on the main repeater (if integrated) or have the alarm panel trigger send a CCO to input 1 or 2 on a VCRX, using the input as a maintained contact. When the alarm sensors no longer detect movement, the CCO will open/release and the scene will turn off.
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    Outdoor sensors would be a nice add

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