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Thread: LQSE-2DAL-D Capacity

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    Ok, Thank you for your help Armando.

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    Thanks so very much for all the support Armando B. You have really been helpful. however, I still wouldn't know why I get this error report while trying to activate my ballasts "The hardware reports that command to initialize addressing mode timed out at a hardware level". I have been reaching a dead end trying to activate those ballasts, about 39 of them. what could be the problem and the possible solution. Thanks in anticipation.

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    Hello seun_sobowale.
    I am unsure as to what the error means exactly. I am suspecting a communication issue on the QS link perhaps. See if you can isolate that particular dpm on the qs link, remove all other qs devices and try again.
    If you continue to experience the issue please generate a support file from the Help menu in the software and email it to

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    Thanks to you all. I am very sorry for not replying in time. I had some challenges. In respect to the problems I encountered in respect to Dali, all has been resolved right now. Everything works fine now. Thanks for being there for me.

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